And so it begins…

Say hello to my little…blog.

I’ll be posting randomblings (random ramblings) on various startup and entrepreneurship related topics that I find interesting and worthy of my time.

Some of the stuff you can expect to find here on any given visit:

  • Topics that you personally don’t find worthy of your time (too bad)
  • Shit that makes sense (don’t expect too much of this one)
  • Shit that doesn’t make sense by any logical way of thinking
  • Stupid shit that somehow makes sense when you’re a little drunk or stoned (don’t hate the player, hate the game…bro)
  • Poor use of the English language (I try, but sometimes I’m just dumb…sorry not sorry in advance)
  • Me disagreeing with you (this is the only thing I can 100% guarantee)

Anyways, hope ya’ll find this interesting.



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