Yo! My name is Daniel Vampan, what’s yours?

I was born in Tarzana and grew up in the lovely suburban bubble known as West Hills, CA.

Mrs. Derakjian taught me some interesting stuff about Molecular Biology (of which I remember zilch) @ El Camino Real H.S. 

Attended UC Santa Cruz where I studied (don’t take that term too literally — Hi Mom) Philosophy & Economics. Go Slugs!

I’m now the Founder + CEO of a bootstrapped startup attempting to make cannonball-sized splashes in the culinary industry. We named ourselves Truffle.

I have tons of (un)impressive thoughts on startups and entrepreneurship that I need to organize somewhere. And I’m tired of posting unwelcome, elongated ramblings on other writers’ articles and blogs, so I decided to throw this together.

Don’t hesitate to share your 2 shekels with me, I’m always looking for a discussion.

But don’t you dare try to prove me wrong: You. Will. Lose. Just kidding…kinda.

Hit me up via the contact form for whatever, whenever.

You can also email me directly: daniel[at]truffle[dot]me



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